Lifestyle Apps for iPhone

Several lifestyle apps have been launched for iPhone ever since its inception. These apps have especially been designed to enhance our lifestyle and make life easier. New and advanced apps keep coming into existence to cater to various needs. The choice is so vast and the features each of these apps offer are so fabulous that it can sometimes get quite difficult to decide as to which ones to download and which ones to leave. To make the choice easier for you we bring to you 11 best lifestyle apps for iPhone in 2019. Read on to find out about these:

Fabulous – Motivate Me

One thing that we all need in today’s times is motivation – motivation to stay fit, motivation to work hard, motivation to maintain our relationship and what not? With so many distractions around, it gets really difficult to stay motivated. The whole purpose of the Fabulous – Motivate Me app is to keep you motivated and help you achieve your goals. This user friendly app loaded with various features is a must have for all those of you who need a little push. It won’t be wrong to say that just like its name, this app is absolutely fabulous.

Foursquare City Guide

This app helps you discover various restaurants, hotels and other places of interest in your city. It does not only list these places but also gives tips and recommendations by those who have visited them. Searching for new places has never been this easy. If you love exploring new places to eat and hang out then this app is a must have for you.

Edison Assistant

This is a task management app. This is truly what we all need to manage our erratic lifestyle systematically. Most of us have numerous tasks to handle during a day. It often gets difficult to prioritise them. At times, we even miss out on some important ones just because we aren’t able to manage them appropriately. Downloading Edison Assistant can help manage tasks better.


This is the perfect bill split app particularly meant for those of you who love group outings. Splitting the bill can be quite a task after having a good time at a bar or for that matter any other place you hang out with your group of friends or colleagues. But not when you have Divvy installed on your iPhone. With Divvy all you have to do is just click the picture of the bill and let it handle the rest. Has it ever been this easy?


Tired of going to shopping malls and restaurants week after week? Want to try something new and different? Download the Fever app. This app provides information about the various events happening in your city. You can customize your search by entering your interests. It shall generate a list of events happening around based on your area of interest. You can also make reservations for these events via Fever.


Noted is one of the apps that every iPhone user must have. This note taking app helps you get organized and thus enhance your lifestyle. With noted you can easily prepare to-do lists on your phone to run your day systematically. You can also jot down any other important information. It allows you to write down the information as well as record it.

My Fitness Pal

All you fitness freaks have to have this lifestyle app installed on your iPhone. Nutrition information about different foods, healthy recipes and motivation to make healthier food choices is provided on this app. It also helps calculate the amount of calories you are taking in. You can set a weight loss or weight gain goal and the app shall help you achieve it. It motivates you to switch to healthy eating habits to stay fit and active.


This lifestyle app provides how to steps to accomplish different tasks. You can choose the category and get started. Whether it is preparing craft items, learning food recipes, understanding how to operate an electronic device or tips to redecorate your house – you name it and you get it. Information about carrying out a variety of different things is available on this app. Step by step procedure is shared in simple language.


This is an audio-book subscription. It provides access to social features, public domain titles and more. There are more than 50,000 titles you can access if you download the free version of Bookmate. You can gain access to greater number of interesting titles by opting for a paid subscription of the app.


This calendar companion app helps you manage your time better. Efficient time management is the key to success. It is thus a must have app for every iPhone user. It will help manage the events on your calendar with ease. It helps you keep track of the upcoming events so that you can set priorities and manage your time better.


Non is one of the best lifestyle apps you can have on your iPhone. This is a meditation app meant to calm your senses and relax your mind. Dealing with stress is one of the most challenging tasks in today’s times and this app has been designed to help you with just that. It comes with a series of soothing sounds that help you meditate. So, if you are looking for something to de-stress and relax download this app now.